KU-NU Postgame

I'll keep it short, because once again, it's late. If you had showed me the box score, at least our side of the box score, I probably would have been worried.

That was a solid win over a decent Nebraska team, a team which only today was mentioned as being perhaps worth of Dancing with 63 other teams by the local radio talking heads.

Perhaps that was overstating Nebraska's case, but they *were 5-3 in the conference.

We need to avoid cruising on Saturday and we really need to be more active on the defensive boards for 40 minutes. We gave away 12-14 points on trash on the glass and I can't imagine that made Self too happy.

I'd like to see Russ heat up a little bit more. He's still playing well defensively and creating movement offensively by driving, I'd just like to see his outside shot fall a bit more, and I think that will happen.

Iowa, Colorado, Florida and Indiana all lost this week, which means that we really should be ranked this week if we can take care of business against ISU on Saturday. I'm not sure it really matters, but I would prefer that we be on the committee's radar if possible so we don't get underseeded in the NCAA's. Ideally, we end up with a 4 and get shipped to Dallas, where we'll have a solid contingent of KU and Big 12 fans, and where we'll have played just a week previous in the Big 12 tournament.

I guess ideally, we'd win out and collect an unlikely 2 seed, but I'm not holding my breath.