Yet Another College Basketball Rankings Update

Regular Phog Blog readers know that I try to follow the power ratings pretty closely, as they can often reveal things about teams that a straight up win-loss record does not. Here's how we stack in the various predictive ratings around the country. Pomeroy still has us at 14th, although we've moved up to 4th in his Last 5 games rating. In his efficiency and pythagorean ratings, we're 4th in the country, behind Texas, Duke and UConn, respectively. That's mighty nice company.

Dolphin still has us at 5th in the nation, behind the above three and Villanova.

Jeff Sagarin has us as 7th in his Pure Points rating, the predictions of which are always eerily similar to Vegas lines.

And finally, the Dunkel index, which last week had us at 6th best team in the country, now has us as the 4th best team in the country (doesn't include Nebraska win).

Last year, we had the best RPI in the nation, and yet we lagged in these predictive ratings. We all know what happened last year. This year, though our RPI has improved to 45 after last night's win, we're excelling at the ratings that the casinos use to predict games.

My bet? Go with the casinos.