Light comes on for Hawkins as well

A lot of people have gotten frustrated with Jeff Hawkins' play this year. While he was supposed to be a Senior leader, in place to mentor the ultra-young Jayhawk guards along. But earlier in the year, he was very turnover prone. While his improvement may not have been as electric as other Jayhawks, J-Hawk has really improved his game over the last half of the season. Make note of this:

As a starter in KU's first 11 games, he had 35 assists, 29 turnovers. As a reserve KU's last 11 games, he has 22 assists, eight turnovers.

"Guys are figuring out their roles. My key role is not turning over the ball," Hawkins said. "When I come in the game and come out, we shouldn't be worse off than where we started."

Jeff has been a great Jayhawk for the last five years now, and I certainly hope he gets a great reception at Senior Night in a few weeks.

Silly Seth

Seth Davis lists K-State as one of seven teams which could make a late run to the NCAA tournament. Here's the problem with that - they're going to lose a majority of their games. Still left on the schedule are UT, OU and KU, as well as games on the road at Nebraska and Texas Tech. If they go 1-5 in those games they should count themselves lucky.

Good One Gregg

Gregg Doyel knows that Kansas is good, and I applaud him and Mike DeCourcy for being the first of the big media writers to go on record and say it. Doyel heaps more praise on the Kansas Jayhawks today in his top ten games of the weekend:

Iowa State at Kansas: Rumor has it that Iowa State is still in contention for an NCAA Tournament bid. Rumors are good. Iowa State isn't. Kansas is very good. This game will get ugly. Pick: Beautiful Brandon Rush