Self lays out his philosophy for handling Freshmen

Pulled from the Wichita Eagle. Read the whole thing, but this particular bit his helpful for identifying Self's core philosophy - you have to earn it. I think it also reveals one reason why last year was tough - he couldn't make players he didn't recruit appreciate his system as much.

You can argue forever whether Chalmers' defense would have come around just as fast -- or faster -- if Self had started him from the get-go.

"I'm sure if you asked Mario, he'd say yes," Self said. "But from our perspective, when you bring freshmen in, you're not in it to win games in November and December. You're in it to do what's best over time and over their careers.

"If guys don't fight through certain things and understand certain things, they're not going to appreciate certain things. It's better if you have to earn everything you get, especially early in your career when that foundation is laid."

That is the lesson he has applied to all his young players, which the same as saying pretty much the entire team.