KU - OSU Postgame

Well, that was pretty ugly. Really ugly. Really really really ugly. But we won.

Why is it that teams from Oklahoma play so ugly?

I'm miffed. I thought our defense was good, but I thought we really had trouble executing for such a long part of the game. That had a lot to do with the fact that Robinson and Wright were out for the end of the first half when we let them back into the game.

Curry had a good game and I'm betting that Hoopinion's stats will show that he was more productive than usual.

Speaking of productive, Brandon Rush had 9 shots in 39 minutes. Marcus Dove is a good defender, but I'm betting he could have gotten more shots.

It's really nice to be able to see KU's scores on ESPN's scoreboard without having to dig through the (almost entirely subscription) site to get to the Big 12 scores.

We outrebounded them 40-25.

We had 16 steals.

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this win. Once again, this team has shown that over the course of 40 minutes, we're very hard to beat. We just pulled away in the end once they got worn down. I think we'll see at least one tournament game when a team tries to make it ugly - and succeeds for 32 minutes -but loses by 10. Another solid win for the Baby Jays. Vegas and all the Power Ratings were suggesting a 3-4 point win, and we pull away by 15.

Despite how ugly the game was played and how much the referees sucked the momentum right out of the game, I'm smiling like a guy who just watched the Jayhawks win by 15 in Stillwater.

I mean seriously, if I had told you we won by 15, would you be happy or not?

Can I get a Witness?