Stopping The Mouth: Jayhawks vs. Stinson

In Saturday's game against Iowa State, there was a stat begging to be tracked: Stinson-stops. Was I the only one who cheered when Giles swatted away a Stinson lay-up in the game's closing minutes? Then there was the Chalmers pass-deflection and the Hawkins mugging/tie-up...

Subsequent to the January 28 loss in Ames, Curtis Stinson, a.k.a. The Mouth, cemented his status as the Big 12's poorest loser when he growled at fellow Bronx native Russell Robinson in the handshake line. Something along the lines of "We'll get you next time." "We'll see," replied Robinson. (Proving the time-honored principle that understatement is a very effective form of trash-talk.)

During Iowa State's losing effort Saturday, Stinson talked a big game. His pie-hole became his face's largest feature, so much so that Brandon Rush commented afterwards, "That boy has a big mouth on him." And after the Jayhawks blanked Stinson for the second time, he still thought he had something to say, muttering to Robinson about future duels back in New York.

Does this guy have a clue?

During pick-up games in college, I loved to guard players with Stinson-like attitudes purely for the pleasure of seeing the irritation wash over their faces when their chatter and game failed to coincide. A block, a picked pocket, a deflected pass-these become personal insults to someone with an ego as inflated as The Mouth's.

That's why I think that stats like Stinson-stops should be carefully tabulated for the enjoyment (and irritation) of all involved.