Eddie Sutton to Resign Tonight

Breaking news out of Stillwater tonight. ESPN is reporting that Eddie Sutton will be holding a press conference this evening to announce his resignation as the coach of Oklahoma State, effective immediately. His son, Sean Sutton, will be assuming Sutton Sr's duties as head coach. During the press conference, Eddie Sutton discussed his battle with alcohol and indicated that he was seeking treatment for his problem. UPDATE: He's evidently not resigning, as reported earlier, but rather stepping down on medical leave for the remainder of the year.

Coach Sutton, we wish you the best.

One week has taken out two Big 12 coaches.

UPDATE: Per commenter Matt, Mike DeCourcy is reporting that Mike Davis is also stepping down.

Three Midwestern coaches in four days under what can only be described as bizarre circumstances. KU fans have followed the Mike Davis situation given how it may affect the recruitment of the top uncommitted recruit available, Darrell Arthur.

How's this for an interesting turn of events? Davis to Missouri, and Arthur follows him.

After the last few days, it wouldn't surprise me.