Darrell Arthur Decision Pending?

This morning's Kansas City Star offered this update:

RECRUITING BOOST: The resignation of Mike Davis as Indiana's basketball coach Thursday could end up helping the Jayhawks in recruiting. Darrell Arthur, a 6-foot-9 forward from Dallas, had Indiana and Kansas at the top of his list. But Arthur said Thursday that Davis' decision probably will cause him to drop the Hoosiers from consideration.

Arthur - one of the top unsigned players in the Class of 2006 - now says the Jayhawks are his leader. He's also considering Baylor and SMU. His AAU coach, Jazzy Hartwell, told The Star Thursday that it's unlikely Arthur will entertain offers from other schools.

"He and I and his mother are all going to sit down after church on Sunday and try to sort through some things," Hartwell said.

Interesting that this discussion actually has a timeframe attached to it. But given Arthur's intimate relationship with procrastination, I'm not putting too much stock in the Sunday afternoon slot. Just the same, it looks like KU is the heavy favorite in the Arthur sweepstakes.

I'm just hoping he can rival UNC's Tyler Hansbrough...