KU Baylor Postgame

This will be short because I'm drawing a bath. There are some things you shouldn't say in a blog, and that, I fear, was one of them. I start with the legs, see, because old-fashioned tubs look more like bath-tubs, and not, as my actual tub does, like a cream-colored stormtrooper outfit pounded into the shape of a basin.

But I digress.

At 7:02, I looked at the Northwest corner of the Fieldhouse, and it was as empty as the bank accounts of the airline that shares its directional orientation. I leaned over to my buddy Toad, who so generously provided me with the $5 Advanced Auto Parts coupon (with free ticket to the game on back), pointed with my thumb (for reasons I can't explain I did this), and said, "I've never seen THAT before."

Either the students were especially compact this evening, or they weren't there. It was going to be a dead night.

And that's essentially what it was.

Given that we've got a whattaburger sized matchup on Saturday with the flesh eating death machine, it's not terribly surprising that many fans left the Fieldhouse asking themselves "Where's the beef?"

It was one of those nights.

We really should have killed Baylor, but they were very very efficient at nailing threes in the second half, and for all you keeping score at home, any time you can win a half while the other team makes 9/13 threes, you're doing something right.

We were sloppy and careless in the first half - I tripped over the lady sitting next to me, and, no kidding, the woman behind me grabbed my shoulders three times (like I was her nephew...or worse). In the second half, I managed to avoid contact with the fans around me and I think that's really why we pulled away.

There wasn't really a whole lot to this game to me. I'm sad it was my final game in the Fieldhouse this year, but hopefully I'll be back for a rousing victory party sometime in early April.

Biggest things for me in this game (since that was the point of this thing to begin with):

1. CJ Giles improvement 2. Russell Robinson's shooting 3. Julian Wright's increasing productivity 4. The fond but hazy memories of legwarmers when the Dance Team grooved to "Fame".

Legwarmers - how did they happen?

It should be nice to watch UT play against KSU tomorrow night. I'm hoping for a long, slow game filled with pain.

Let the overhyping of the UT-KU game begin!

Oh, and let it be known that KU's current starting 5 had a total of 513 minutes of playing time in college coming into this year. Somebody put that on television!