Ken Pomeroy: KU, UNC possible 2 seeds

UNC is really coming on and I am going to go ahead and say that this is Roy's best coaching job in years. His team is a lot more experienced than KU's, but probably not as talented (KU, for those who count this sort of thing, had a combined 514 minutes of career PT from this year's starting 5 at the beginning of the year). Says Pomeroy:

It's possible Kansas and UNC could still play their way into their deserved seed. I doubt either will win out, but if they did, they would be looking at 2-seeds even despite the early hiccups. More than likely they lose one or two, and stay as an extremely dangerous 4 or 5. How would a KU/UNC sweet sixteen game sound? Come to think of it, that's exactly what the folks at CBS Sports would want.

It would be a shame to see that matchup early in the tournament. Wouldn't that be a second round game though? Maybe I'm missing something.

Per Hoopinion's comment, I thought bracket junkies might be interested in this Grade A Smack from Andy Katz regarding the difficulties the selection committee will face this year in selecting/seeding the Big Dance:

Littlepage said the first ballot (for potential at-large locks) during the orientation meeting earlier this month came back with a lower total than normal. He said that still could be the case when the 10 members convene in March. There's also a strong chance, though, that over the final two-plus weeks of the regular season that enough teams will get the wins necessary to push themselves into lock status.

"It's a smaller number than we've had before, and that's a reflection of the gridlock in the high-end conferences,'' Littlepage said.

He also said seeding will be a difficult challenge, and he added that the 2-3-4 lines could be just as hard to seed as the 8-9.