KU UT Postgame

I won't take anything away from UT. Both defensively and offensively, they played great. If they play like that, they will be in the Final Four. They just couldn't miss and I think that demoralized us over time.

A brief rant: It's time for Dick Vitale to retire. I used to enjoy his enthusiasm, but he's become an absurd caricature of himself. ESPN should have higher standards for their in-game analysis. Seriously Dick? Talking about the square footage of Shaq's house? What a slap in the face.

How much are they paying you to ignore the game? ESPN and its viewers ought to demand more.

UT beats anybody in the country tonight, and while 25 points is much much worse than I expected, the season's not over and our Baby Jays are going to grow up.

Here's my Saturday Night Special Guarantee: Brandon Rush will be a Jayhawk next year.

Here's my Saturday Night Wish: Dick Vitale gives up the mic for color commentary. He just doesn't add anything to the game for anyone. He doesn't provide any special insight into what's happening *on the floor. Indeed, he only masks his ignorance of the game by blabbering endlessly about every imaginable topic except that which he should be talking: what's happening between the baskets.

I'm really not that down about this game. We hit Texas on a blistering night and we really had no chance. Bill will teach these guys a lot from the game and our boys have already shown that they can rebound.

They'll wake up smiling tomorrow and they'll rebound strongly.

Have a good night everybody!