It's not the end of the world.

Sometimes good teams have bad losses.  Take a look at all the teams from the past several years that

  1. lost by 15+ at home or 20+ on the road in Jan/Feb/March
  2. did not lose AGAIN that badly (not counting NCAA tourney)
  3. finished the year in Pomeroy's top 20
  • 2005: Louisville (Final Four), Villanova (Sweet 16), Kansas (1st round L)
  • 2004: Oklahoma St (Final Four), St. Joseph's (Elite 8 ), Kansas (Elite 8 ), Illinois (Sweet 16)
  • 2003: Kansas (Runner up), Michigan St (Elite 8 ), Wake Forest (2nd round), Louisville (2nd round), Georgia (DNP in tourney)
  • 2002: Illinois (Sweet 16)
  • 2001: Maryland (Final Four), USC (Elite 8 ), Temple (Elite 8 ), Boston College (2nd round)
  • 2000: Wisconsin (Final Four), LSU (Sweet 16*), Arizona (2nd round*), Texas (2nd round), Illinois (2nd round), Indiana (1st round L) ... *=lost to Wisconsin
  • 1999: Connecticut (National Champs), St. John's (Elite 8 ), Maryland (Sweet 16), Iowa (Sweet 16)

I am NOT saying Kansas will be like these teams.  OK, actually I am, since the results range all the way from first round losses to national championships.  My point is that one game does not a season make.