Jayhawk Big Men Must Catch Up

KU's current platoon of post men has performed well enough to beat above-average competition (Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Cal) but imploded when faced with a seriously talented big man (Aldridge). Bill Self was quick to note that the team's youth and lack of muscle inside was big factor in the Austin wax job. I find myself wondering whether the 'Hawks will fare any better against similarly talented frontcourts in the tournament. The transformation of this team has been fueled largely by a backcourt that acquired confidence, tenacity, and learned when to gamble on defense. The inside beef, on the other hand, has remained inconsistent throughout most of the season.

Julian Wright is coming into his own, but it will take more than ball fakes and finesse to advance. The play of KU's more 'traditional' post trio (Kaun, Giles, Jackson) will determine how long the Jayhawks play in March.