3 points

I just want to point out how hugely important a hot or cold shoot night can be.

  • Wednesday night from 3, Texas shot 25% and Kansas shot 50%.
  • Saturday night from 3, Texas shot 50% and Kansas shot 27%.

I realize that part of the reason teams have good and bad shooting nights is that their opponents give them open looks or get a lot of hands in their faces, but what if you ignore that for a minute and switch the words "Wednesday" and "Saturday?" Instead of

  • A&M 46 - 43 Texas
  • KU 75 - 54 Colorado
  • Texas 80 - 55 KU

you get

  • Texas 55 - 46 A&M
  • KU 60 - 54 Colorado
  • KU 67 - 65 Texas or Texas 65 - 64 KU (depending on if you give KU 7/15 or 8/15 to make their "50%")

Now, this is a simplistic excercise that doesn't make sense in the real world. I am NOT saying that KU would have beat Texas if they played on a different night. I'm not saying KU didn't absolutely deserve to lose Saturday. I'm not saying KU should expect a 50% 3-pt-shooting night against anybody. I'm not saying anything. I'm just saying.