KU CU Postgame

I was stuck on a plane from LaGuardia to KCI for the entirety of last night's game, so I can add little to the mix as far as thoughts and analysis about last night's game(no different than usual, you may chortle to yourself...). Texas A&M should be in the NCAA tournament for the totality of their work this year. I'm confident that four Big 12 teams will make the tournament, and I'm similarly confident that both Colorado and Nebraska effectively squandered their chances at going to the Big Dance.

But can the same be said of Kansas State, which looks increasingly troublesome for this Saturday's game? Ehhrrh, I don't really think so. It's a pride game and if we play with defensive intensity, we will win. We better win anyhow.

We *may be hitting the dog days of Spring here, or we may just be accustomed to having overly inflated expecations for our young Jayhawk squad. I don't honestly know. Will our lack of a true post finisher be our undoing, or will our nearly peerless post-depth allow us to wear folks down?

I think the best scenario for this team would be to win two games in the Big 12 tournament in Dallas en route to a 4 seed in the Dallas pod. Playing three consecutive games in Dallas will definitely give us a shooting edge against teams who are just getting used to a new arena.

Congratulations to Max Falkenstein, that man whose chipper tones have animated the glorious pagaentry of Kansas Basketball for more than three generations of Jayhawk fans. There is truly no one like Max anywhere else.