REAL Standings: UT Fought Acie Law and the Law Won. . .

BIG XII RECAP It's that time of year when the REAL Standings and the newspaper standings begin to resemble each other. For the first time, KU and UT are tied for first place in both. The two teams sport identical 12-3 records and both are projected to win this weekend and finish at 13-3.

Which begs the question: Which team has the edge. Is it UT, who gets to (1) play at home, (2) vs. their arch-rivals, (3) in a revenge game, (4) for the Big 12 championship, on (5) Senior Day?

Or is it KU, who is playing their arch-rivals in a revenge game for the big 12 championship. But on the Road on k-state's Senior Day--but against a lesser team? Or is k-state a lesser team than OU? They did, after all, play OU within a point in Norman. But then, who hasn't?

It's all very confusing. But it makes for an exciting weekend of basketball.


The REAL Standings, as of March 3, 2006:

1. 13-3


(12-3/No projected L's/at risk games: None)


(12-3/No projected L's/at risk games: None)

3. 11-5


(11-4/projected L at UT/at risk games: none)

4. 9-7


(9-6/projected L at Tech/at risk games; none)


(8-7/No projected L's/at risk games: none)

6. 7.5-8.5


(7-8/No projected L's/at risk game: at MU)

7. 7-9

Texas Tech

(6-9/No projected L's/at risk games: none)

9. 6-10

Iowa St

(6-9/Projected L at CU/at risk games: none)


(6-9/ Projected L's vs. KU/no HAC games)

Okie St

(5-10/No projected ‘s/at risk games: none)

11. 4.5-11.5

Mizzou (4-11/No projected L's/HAC game: vs. NU)

12. 4-12

Baylor (4-11/Projected L at Okie St/HAC games: none)


Big XII Games March 4-5, with IQ (Interest Quotient) are:

1. A&M at Tech (Sat. 12:30p.m.)***1/2

A&M tries to validate its victory over Texas. Won't be easy on the Road. But a W in Lubbock would likely wrap up a slot in the Big Dance.

2. KU at k-state (Sat. 3p.m.)*****

KU goes for 23 straight in Manhattan. The last notable ongoing streak in KU sports. Also at stake: KU's sixth Big 12 championship in the conference's 10 years of existence-with the youngest team imaginable. If the Hawks win or share the championship this year, when will they not?

3. Baylor at Okie St (Sat. at 6p.m.)**1/2

The premise of the REAL Standings is that you prove your worth on the Road-where the Bears are 0-for-2006.

4. Iowa St at Colorado (Sat. at 7p.m.)**

It's hard to think of anything to commend this game. . .

5. Nebraska at Mizzou (Sun. at 1p.m.)*

Wait! I've got it. It's not NU vs, Mizzou. . .

6. OU at Texas (Sun. at 3p.m.)*****

Can OU win its fifth consecutive one point game? And help KU out in the process?

Go Big Blue!


*Texas, KU, and OU, the Tier One teams, are projected to win all of their home games, lose their road games vs. other Tier One teams, and to be "at risk" in road games vs. Tier Two teams.

The Tier Two teams are projected to win all home games with the exception of games vs. Tier One teams. They are projected to lose all road games vs. Tier One and Two teams. They are "at risk" against Tier One teams at home and on the road against the teams that have cast themselves into the Pit of Oblivion.

As for the teams in the Pit, each is projected to (a) lose every Road game; (b) lose every home game vs. the Tier One teams; (c) win every home game vs. each other; and (4) to have a Half-Assed Chance to win every home game vs. a Tier 2 team.

As always, teams can move up or down in status with meaningful road wins and embarrassing (or enough) home losses.