Darrell Arthur to KU?

There's some chatter on 810 WHB that Darrell Arthur will be a Jayhawk next year. Arthur is the best unsigned player left in the class of '06, and while I've questioned our need for him, I'll certainly trust Self to know what this team needs better than I do. In any case, picking up DA, who's been ranked anywhere between about 8 and 18 in next year's class, would give Coach Self yet another monster recruiting class.

I also know that some of you are disappointed that KU is sharing a Big 12 title, particularly since we lost to UT, but I am going to pull a "Stop the Insanity!" here. First of all, 7 weeks ago, a lot of you thought we wouldn't make the tournament. Second of all, if you look at the common opponent-common venue games, we were 9-1 and they were 8-2. If you really feel strongly about it, why don't you ask our players to give their championship rings back.

The Big 12 tournament will be interesting. I think our first game will probably be the toughest of all the top three seeds, but I think we should beat either OSU or ISU without too much difficulty. I'm not really anxious to play ISU for a third time, as they're always physical and tough, but at the same time OSU will present a lot of issues with their defense. I'd personally rather we face another tough perimeter defense because I think that preparation will be good for us later, but hey, what does it matter what I think?

Here are the matchups in case you missed them:


No. 8 Texas Tech vs. No. 9 Kansas State, 11:30 a.m.

No. 5 Colorado vs. No. 12 Baylor, 2 p.m.

No. 7 Oklahoma State vs. No. 10 Iowa State, 6 p.m.

No. 6 Nebraska vs. No. 11 Missouri, 8:20 p.m.


No. 1 Texas vs. 8-9 winner, 11:20 a.m.

No. 4 Texas A&M vs. 5-12 winner, 2 p.m.

No. 2 Kansas vs. 7-10 winner, 6 p.m.

No. 3 Oklahoma vs. 6-11 winner, 8:20 p.m.

Oh, and congratulations to Bill Self and Brandon Rush for winning their respecive "of the Year" honors in the Big 12. Granted it's only one newspaper at this point, but the AP and the coaches will soon follow.