Where was our trophy?

At the risk of sounding well, a bit ticked off, I must publicly ask Kevin Weiberg and the rest of the Big 12 folks: Where was our trophy?

At this point, I'm giving the Big 12 the benefit of the doubt - perhaps it was just logistically impossible to get the trophy up to Manhattan, but given that KU was ignorant of any efforts to get it there, I'm guessing that's not the case.

The Big 12 made the rules - teams that have the same record share the title, which means that each team gets a trophy. It's therefore incumbent upon the Big 12 to deliver the trophies to the teams that win said titles. In this case that didn't happen.

I think our boys will be playing with a trophy sized chip on their shoulders this weekend, especially if Texas survives to play them.

So here I humbly request an explanation and an apology from the Big 12 for this mishap. Anyone with me?

And for those of you who suggest that the below explanation is entirely true, I laugh at your childish innocence. Santa just didn't think we were good enough.

"Their response was, 'Bill, we made a mistake.' They said their policy is you don't recognize a team and you don't send a trophy until after (a championship) is clinched. It was a mistake by the conference office that the trophy was allowed to get to a particular school."

A Big 12 official told The Associated Press the problem was with the trophy company in Oklahoma City.

"The trophy was inadvertently sent to Texas due to a miscommunication from our office," said Rob Carolla, director of communications.