Great Darrell Arthur Article from the Dallas Morning News

No news on the recruiting front, but the DMN's Kate Hairopoulos does a great job in this lengthy piece on Darrell Arthur, the best unsigned recruit left in the class of 2006.

Though Arthur dominates big games, he has been criticized for not always playing his best and for being passive in lower-profile games.

"Some games, I know we're going to win, and I don't go out there and play as hard," Arthur said. "But every big game, I always step up."

Mays said, "He doesn't have the normal killer instinct that top players have. He has a kill-when-necessary type deal."

Texas basketball guru Mike Kunstadt of said the major difference between Arthur and Chris Bosh, the Lincoln-ex and Toronto Raptors star, is that Bosh played at a high level night in and night out his senior year. But Kunstadt said when Arthur is motivated, there is no matching him.

"When he decided to dominate, there's no question he was awesome," Kunstadt said. "When he plays like he played this weekend, he was the best player in the state."

Arthur, who said his pregame routine is listening to rap on his CD player and thinking about his defensive assignments and offensive plays, has made it a point in the playoffs to work in the post. Inside is still where he is at his best, making blocks, putting back rebounds and slamming in dunks.

But Arthur is skilled and mobile for his size, which bodes well for a career as a wing or small forward in college and, quite likely, the NBA.

Arthur, ranked No. 19 nationally by, is one of the top uncommitted players in the nation. Despite rumors that he has committed somewhere, he said he doesn't plan on picking a school until after the state tournament.

If he comes to KU, my guess is that he'll play less wing for KU than he may want, but that shouldn't affect his NBA career at all. Read the whole thing.