KU OSU Postgame

Oklahoma State has gotten a lot better, but they were helped by better than average three point shooting by OSU, much worse than average three point shooting by KU, and poor free throw shooting by KU down the stretch. OSU is good at making the game ugly and keeping it close.

Mercy me it will be hard to play Oklahoma tomorrow in another ugly game, and I don't think we can expect Nebraska to put up a fight.

Is it just me, or is OSU a really tough first round draw for a co-champion?

Let's hope that Nebraska plays OU pretty tough and that the game goes into triple overtime.

On the one hand, my pacemakered heart can hardly stand games like that, but I think it's really important to face pressure like that. That being said, I think it is the rare team that can apply the same kind of pressure that OSU plays.

OSU will be a lot better next year as these guys grow up.

Overall it was a hard fought game, and OSU played very very well. Hopefully we can play a bit looser tomorrow and make a few more jump shots.

Anybody else?