Tennessee gets cold-cocked

The Volunteers lose by 8 to South Carolina. They'll drop to at least a 4 seed as that's not a good loss. Plus Wake is absolutely boatracing NCSU in the ACC tourney. They'll lose a little leverage. Thanks to the everpresent Chalmersfan, we have a viewersguide for tonight:

Check it out:

Tennessee lost 79-71 to South Carolina... they are now 21-7. I think that a KU win tonight would be a leapfrog ahead of them. Other games of interest in terms of seeding:

Minnesota vs. Iowa, 5:40- Game will probably be in the 40's or 50's. Minnesota has a chance though.

Vanderbilt vs. LSU, 6:30- LSU will probably win.

Pittsburgh vs. Villanova, 8:00- Pittsburgh will probably lose by less than 10 points, and the committee will qualify it as a good loss. Hopefully Nova will roll them.

Arizona vs. UCLA, 8:20- Probably a UCLA victory.

BC vs. Maryland, 8:30- Maryland is very soft- so a BC loss here and a KU win would give KU the edge.

Arkansas vs. Florida 8:45- I'm thinking the Hogs win this one.

Arkansas is playing pretty well right now, and UF has been mercurial at best.