2nd Annual Phog Blog Tourney Pick'em

Click here to enter your picks, but read below first, so you know what you're doing. I know I know I know, there are millions of tourney pick'ems out there to lure your well calculated picks, but you've got a Mizzou's chance of winning one of those, because, naturally, you pick KU to win the darn thing.

That's why it's better to play in the Phog Blog Tourney Pick'em. You're among friends. You can drink wine specifically for the blue teeth it gives you. You can refer to yourself as a Freestater. To resuscitate a nice early '00s catch phrase: it's all good.

But this tourney pick'em is different. Why, you ask? Because of the scoring. There are two key parts here.

1. Each round gets more important - First round picks are worth 1 point, second 2, etc...correctly picking the champion will get you 6 points. So accuracy, particularly accuracy at the end is important. But here's where it gets really interesting.

2. Underdog Bonuses - This is why I take the time to run the Phog Blog Pick'em. I want custom scoring because custom scoring makes it more interesting. In my opinion, people who correctly pick underdogs should be rewarded for doing so, and so I reward them. For picking any upseet, you get a bonus equal to the difference between the seeds, as long as you correctly pick both teams involved. This means that if you pick a 12 over a 5 in the first round, you get 1 point for the correct pick and 7 points for the underdog bonus for a total of 8 points. This part of the Pick'em rewards those who are brave or foolhardy enough to shoot for the moon. For the past several years, the more aggressive players have shot ahead with great underdog picks only to fall in the final seconds.

And hey, there's prizes too. Our friends at Habitat Shoes - the most stylish shoe and clothing store in Kansas City - are sponsoring this year's Pick'em. To the winner goes a $50 gift certificate, to second place, a $25 credit. And don't worry if you don't live in KC, Habitat will ship their most excellent wares to you wherever you live. I may have a few other prizes available (i.e. I'm looking for sponsors if you want to add to the spoils)

There is no entry fee, and this is not a gambling pool, but if you like the Phog Blog scoring system, you're more than welcome to use the Phog Blog Tourney Pick'em to keep track of your office pool. Scores will be updated online and you'll be able to track your progress via an online leaderboard.

This should be a great tourney and I can hardly wait till Thursday and Friday. Good luck and happy picking. If you have any questions about the Pick'em, please ask them in the comment section, so that everyone benefits from the wisdom you gain in asking.

You are allowed three separate sets of picks, so that you can drop an emotional, an intellectual, and a foolhardy set if you like. Tiebreaker is determined by points in the championship game.

Good luck and the address for the pick'em is http://www.phogblog.com/pickem

Deadline is Thursday at 11:41 CST (12:41 EST).