Get your picks in, yo

27 hours and counting until the madness begins. It's looking like the biggest Phog Blog Pick'em ever, and I know that less than half of the players who will be playing have submitted their picks. To start go here and click 'enter your picks.' Here's the skinny:


1. As rounds increase, so do points for correct picks (1 point for first round, 2 for second, etc).

2. There is an underdog bonus equal to the difference in seeds. Thus, if you pick a 12 over a 5, you get 1 point for correctly picking the game and 7 for picking the upset. In order to get the underdog bonus, you must have correctly picked both teams to be where they are - you don't get credit for a 13 over a 4, for example, in the second round, unless you have it happening exactly that way.

3. You're allowed up to three brackets, but you must delineate them as separate brackets (i.e. Chrysler Jeremy 1, etc.


First place wins a $50 gift card to Kansas City's best shoe and clothing store, Habitat Shoes. Second place wins $25 at Habitat.