Iowa State Under the Microscope: Morgan's Firing Undoubtedly Related

Gregg Doyel of CBS Sportsline is reporting that Iowa State is the linchpin in a financial, recruiting, and scheduling scheme and that Wayne Morgan, the head basketball coach at Iowa State that was suddenly fired this week, is intimately involved. This story is a must read, even during tournament time.  The allegations include (quoting the article):

  • Last season, Iowa State paid D1 Scheduling $40,000 for a home game against Tennessee State. D1 Scheduling paid Tennessee State $10,000. Considering the going rate for such games is at least $40,000, why would TSU sacrifice 75 percent to D1 Scheduling? Perhaps because three of its best players -- Wayne Arnold, Clarence Matthews and Kareem Grant -- came from LACC. Tennessee State AD Teresa Phillips didn't respond to multiple interview requests. Pollard said he's uncomfortable with Iowa State's connection."We're associated because we're on the other side of the contact, but if I called Tennessee State (for a game) right now, it would cost me $50,000 or $60,000," he said. "What you're indicating here is (some ISU opponents) were taking far less money than I'd thought ... for another reason that's not a good situation. They're taking nearly $50,000 below market. That's a scary thought isn't it? What it sounds like they're getting is an influx of players."


  • This season, Iowa State played host to a four-team Thanksgiving tournament. Records show Iowa State paid D1 Scheduling $125,000 to provide Iona, Howard and Portland State. Howard received $13,000, Portland State $15,000. Iona, a private school, declined to divulge its guarantee. If Iona's guarantee was anything like those received by Howard and Portland State, D1 Scheduling would have kept more than $80,000 of Iowa State's $125,000 check. While Iona has no LACC players on roster this season, Gaels coach Jeff Ruland received a commitment from at least five players from LACC since 1999 (Kenya Carruthers, Leland Matthews, Jermaine Small, Norman Simmons and Julian Sensley). Howard also recruited Simmons, who never got eligible there, while Portland State has recruited LACC players in recent years but never landed one. Ruland ignored multiple interview requests by Howard and Portland State have changed coaches since those games were arranged. Current Howard coach Gil Jackson said he inherited that $13,000 game at Iowa State for No. 25, 2005, and couldn't believe it."Guarantees at that level start at $40,000 and upward," Jackson said. "Now that I'm here, we won't be playing any more games like that."


  • Also this season, Iowa State played host to an exhibition with Division II Bemidji State of Minnesota, and a regular-season game with NAIA Mountain State of West Virginia. Iowa State used D1 Scheduling for both, sending D1 Scheduling checks totaling $50,000. D1 Scheduling then sent checks totaling $9,000 to Bemidji State and Mountain State, clearing $41,000 for itself. Why would Bemidji and Mountain agree to such a deal? Perhaps because each program has had an LACC player in the last year, Rodney Williams (Bemidji) and Tony Key (Mountain). Mountain's Bolen said he had no idea D1 Scheduling was profiting so much. "I feel stupid," he said. "I wish I got more of it."


  • For next season, Iowa State is planning another four-team tournament. Pollard said ISU will pay D1 Scheduling $150,000 to find three teams, including Louisiana Tech. Tech athletics director Jim Oakes said his school's cut would be $35,000, meaning a $15,000 profit for D1 Scheduling. Asked why his program -- which includes forwards Chad McKenzie and Michael Wilds from LACC -- was using D1 Scheduling, Oakes deferred comment until speaking with coach Keith Richard.Several hours later, Oakes said: "Coach Richard assured me he scheduled the tournament at Iowa State in order to play three games, two of which would be on a neutral court. There was certainly no quid pro quo involved in the recruitment of any junior college player."

The story quotes NCAA officials and coaches and AD's from several different schools.  This article includes a scathing attack on Iowa State.  The article concludes with:

Iowa State's Pollard said he would be speaking with Morgan about D1 Scheduling, LACC and Anthony Davis.

"We'll have a big discussion about it," Pollard said. "And my guess is there will be other discussions around the country after you write your story."

This smells BAD!