Pitt continues to suffer ailments

The virus that first bit Aaron Gray now appears to hit several of his team mates.

Tyrell Biggs, one of three key freshmen for the Pitt basketball team, stood underneath a basket and was reduced to dribbing a ball.

Another of those rising freshmen, Sam Young, went through drills with a bandage on his right hand, the result of a stoved pinky finger.

And while center Aaron Gray proclaimed himself on the mend after battling a vicious case of the flu this week, swingman Keith Benjamin was nowhere to be found.

Biggs hurt himself in practice earlier in the week. Pitt's had a rough time of it in the past couple of years. Last year, if I remember correctly, they got held up for a day because of weather. This year, they're getting sick. If it's anything like the flu that I got this year, it's not pleasant.

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