End of Season Thoughts Part 1

This will be a post in several parts. With time the precious resource that it is - so much so that I have been unable to find the time until this very morning to get the old mop washed and groomed, and the old eyebrows trimmed to a less freakish length - I don't anticipate having leisurely hours during which to reflect. I can however, still construct monstrous sentences, as evidenced by the nine-legged fire-breather you just read.

Here are my few thoughts so far:

Bradley was a good team that got white hot (read: 2 standard deviations away from the mean hot) while we were still shedding our collective skin on the rocks of a new experience, and by the time we emerged loose and settled, it was a leeetle bit late.

I do not think the game plan against Bradley as I watched it was bad - of all things they shouldn't have beaten us from behind the arc - but I'd have to rewatch the game to clarify that, and that's not going to happen.

My heavens what a wonderfully fun year this has been. The loss notwithstanding, I have no concerns about the direction of Kansas Basketball and I trust that our play over the next couple of years will win over any doubters.

The best decision I've made in some time regarding this blog was to require registration for commenting. I don't mind contrary opinions, but dropping by another's property to intentionally and anonymously deface it is childish, cowardly behavior, and I'm glad that it's more easily dealt with now.

That's all I got for now.