Richard Roby, Thomas Gardner to test the draft

As the Big 12 North continues to dissolve before our eyes, I wonder to myself, "Do we benefit at all from the continued mediocrity of our former Big 8 comrades?" I can't see how we do. The South will rise again next year, with the emergence of young A&M, OSU and Baylor teams, and the North is only getting weaker. Plus, half of the North will be playing with new coaches next year. New and better coaches will help in the long term, i think, but next year will be interesting to say the least.

MU and Huggins

I suggested Huggins to MU back in October, but I didn't think it would happen. Now we find out that some of MU's boosters are all over Huggins, and some want to keep their distance. Sunvold is apparently upset that neither Huggins nor Majerus received an interview for the Mizzou job. I don't know what Mizzou expects, but as long as there's such a disunity between what the University wants and what the Athletic Department wants (reading between the lines there's a huge schism here), Mizzou's big money sports will continue to be mired in mediocrity.

But keep it quiet, because I would hate to see Mizzou get wise to their foolishness. A snippet on Gardner:

Junior guard Thomas Gardner declared that he's entering the June 27 NBA draft and foregoing his senior season. He said he will not hire an agent at this time, which would enable him to maintain eligibility for his final season at MU if he chooses to withdraw his name from draft consideration.