UAB's Anderson to talk to Mizzou

Or UAB has approved the initial conversation:

The University of Missouri has been given permission to speak with UAB basketball coach Mike Anderson about Missouri's head coaching vacancy.

Please My Calden, don't hurt your self Meanwhile, back in Columbia, unhappy with the jobs that Mizzou loyalists Sunvold and Link were doing looking for a coach, the powers that be have opted to bang pots and pans together in the hopes that somehow, mysteriously, a coach can be coaxed from the earth.

Why is there a cork on the fork? Because at this pace, someone will lose an eye. Or both eyes. Incredible:

Gary Link and Jon Sundvold apparently will have no further say in who will be Missouri's new head men's basketball coach.

Mike Alden, MU's athletic director, has told Link and senior associate Mario Moccia that neither they nor Sundvold will be part of meetings between Alden, UMC deputy chancellor Mike Middleton and consultant Bob Beaudine aimed at selecting the man who will replace Quin Snyder.

"That's accurate," Link told The Star on Thursday morning.

Said Sundvold: "Our job, it appears, is over."