Darrell Arthur playing well in San Diego

Thanks to PB reader Ehren for this one:

The big scorers for the West were, not surprisingly (based on their performances during practices Sunday, Monday and Tuesday morning) were Darrell Arthur and Kevin Durant

While continuing to play as if he fancies himself the tallest high school guard in the country, Durant got many of his 20-plus points from the perimeter – often the deep, deep perimeter – and off the dribble.

And, often treating passing as an afterthought in the first half, Durant did a better of getting teammates involved after intermission.

One thing that has been confirmed this week is that – with the obvious exception of Greg Oden – Arthur is the best "finisher" in the class.

Anything within eight feet of the basket for Arthur is either an assault on the rim or a layin in which the ball is on the glass before a defender can react.

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