Pick'em Results

I am embarrassed to even write this now that it's been....so....long. But Dave has won the Phog Blog Pick'em and Phog Blog's own Hoopinion has gotten second place. For their extra ordinary prognosticatory powers, they've won a $50 and a $25 gift certificate to Habitat Shoes, respectively. Speaking of respect, I know that I've lost many a yours for failing to update this sooner. But do you remember that movie Perfect Storm where the ruggedly handsome George Clooney plays a down-on-his-luck NorEastern fisher-man whose livelihood depends on his catching a giant pile of willing fish that just happen to be happily swimming at the nexus of three huge storms?

That's what my internet has been like.

Home internet: Router One: Caput Router Two: Inexplicably locked and won't accept refresh commands Router Three: As yet unpurchased

Work internet: Router One: Succumbs to interference and basically worthless Routher Two: Good, but for some reason blocks the much needed FTP traffic

So basically, I am a largish walking pile of a series of small but significant excuses. Indeed, I am typing this from a hotel room in North Austin on Earth Day, the day of my brother in law's wedding. Do you still dare to question my committment?

Life has been hectic and I do apologize, but I also offer my heartfelt congratulations to Dave and Hoops. I will try to get the actual results uploaded, but this is the big problem I've been having - without internet or FTP, this is very hard to do.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the NCAA. I do not think we'll see any more retribution from my favorite four capital-lettered friend.