Darrell Arthur ad infinitum and beyond

Yes that's Latin you just read. It means that whatever DA decides to do, I will not be surprised. Here's a quote to bunch up your knickers:

Of teams' chances to land the McDonald's All-American, Rodney Johnson of Dallaspreps.com wrote that LSU is "on fire," while Arizona and Baylor are "hot," Kansas is "warm" and Texas is "cold."

Ok. That's interesting. We've had our suspicions about LSU. But here's where the wierd turns PRO:

"That's how everything looks right now," Johnson said Wednesday night. "But if it doesn't happen this week or in the early part of next week, LSU is going to be out."

Does that sound weird to anybody else? Why would LSU be out because of time? I really won't be surprised if KU ends up landing Arthur, but I have to say that all of this weirdness dampens the excitement of a top recruit if we do.