Mayo, Walker, not coming to Manhattan

All those homemade 2008 NCAA Basketball Champions shirts will have to be put away now in Manhappenin, for lo, superstars OJ Mayo and Bill Walker look to be headed elsewhere. I would not at all be surprised to see young Beasley back out as soon as he's sure that this is the case, but that's just the cynical part of me typing (my fingers). Anyway, friend of Phog Blog Mic pointed out the money quote:

The source also says don't bank on Mayo and Walker following Bob Huggins to Kansas State. That widely reported tale, accepted as gospel by Internet addicts, seemingly is not going to happen.

"O.J. has said there's no way he's going to play in Manhattan, Kansas,"

the (Very Reliable) source says. "Both he and Walker are leaning more to Southern Cal. There's a guy out there who's gotten into O.J.'s head."

That's great "accepted as gospel by Internet addicts." Does this mean all Internet addicts accepted Mayo and Walker to KSU as gospel? I must not know that many Internet addicts. Personally, I think the author ought to show his audience a bit more respect.