Darrell Arthur to Choose on Monday

Soon, the wondrous journey of the Slim Shady recruitment will be over. After watching so many contenders pop up and disappear like groundhogs on a desert plain, one groundhog - bear with me here - has been standing tall since day one. That groundhog looks an awful lot like a Jayhawk. The money on the street all appears to be on LSU. If there's a double entendre contained within my previous sentence, it's purely coincidental, I might add. But I wouldn't be surprised if despite all of the rancor and the second, third and fourth guessing, and the multiple suitors and the pomp and the circumstance and the overexposure, that Arthur ends up with the one school that has been around since the early early days - 2002 at least - and walks down Jayhawk Blvd this August.

It's not a prediction, but I do think that it's between the new money up and comers (again, any double entendre is purely coincidental) and the old and vital guard. This post has been so stupidly filled with metaphors that I'm going to end it right now with a little less dramatic and more factual bit from Tom Keegan:

Darrell Arthur, Kansas University's top basketball recruiting target, will end the suspense Monday with a noon press conference, according to dallaspreps.com.

Arthur, a 6-foot-9 forward from South Oak Cliff High in Dallas, has kept recruiting analysts guessing throughout his long recruitment. Recent developments indicate KU could be emerging as the favorite, although this has been a difficult recruitment to read

I should add that the Dallas Preps guy is the same one who said that if the decision was made this week or the early part of next that it favored LSU, but if it continued beyond that, LSU was out. There are almost no favorable ways to reconcile those comments, so I'll leave it to others to plumb the depths of DallasPreps.com's wisdom.

Here's a link to the LJW story.