Arthur Countdown begins

12:30 today folks. The Darrell Arthur recruitment has been the most blogged about in the short history of the Phog Blog, so we're going to soak it in today. I've talked to a number of people in recent days about the ever elusive Arthur, and most seem to have come to the conclusion that they're uncertain. It turns out Darrell himself may not have yet made a decision. At least, he hadn't as of last week, when he scheduled the press conference for today:

[Mays] said that although a news conference - slated for 12:30 p.m. today - was scheduled days ago, Arthur didn't 100-percent decide on a school at that time.

"It was a deadline for him and his folks," Mays told the Journal-World. "Whether he's ready or not, he's going to do something (today) at 12:30."

I think he'll end up at LSU, and I think that KU is his number 2. Could be the other way around though. I'll be surprised if it's not one of those two schools