National Praise for Self and KU Recruiting

Dave Telep, national recruiting analyst for, wrote the following, available on the Foxsports web site:

Add up the three-man class and you have what appears to be America's fourth most powerful recruiting haul behind only the likes of UNC, Ohio State and Duke (which we'll get to in a moment). The big timers typically take you to the promised land and in 2007 college basketball will receive an injection of elite talent that in previous years would have bolted for the NBA, and that's why it's important to credit the schools who signed the elite players this season.

Only Mike DeCourcy of The Sporting News seems to have anything negative to say, and that is simply that the pressure will be on Coach Self to keep his players happy and make a deep push in the NCAA tournament.

I haven't heard anyone comment on the back-to-back recruiting classes that KU has put together.  A couple of schools have great success in one year.  Several schools have good classes every year.  But no school can match the back-to-back classes that Coach Self has put together.  What an unbelieveable team he has put together.

I was surprised to read the comments of one knowledgable blogger who says that he'd take KU's team over the LA Lakers (sans Kobe) right now.  That's an amazing comment!  Future projected pro players, according to DeCourcy, include Chalmers, Collins, Rush, Wright, Arthur, Kaun, and Giles.  He also sings the praises of Robinson and Jackson, who he also thinks will make money playing this game somewhere. 

Future pros do not necessarily guarantee success, but they sure will be fun to watch!  If we thought the defensive pressure was great last year, we ain't seen nothin' yet!  This year, this team should be equally productive on offense.  And there will be no drop off in talent (and hopefully motivation) when the subs come in - heck, most of those guys would be "The Man" at most other programs.

I think I'll up my annual contribution to the Williams Fund.  I'd better up it a bunch, 'cause lots of folks will want to see this team play.  I don't want to be the one begging for tickets outside AFH.