Good Tyrel Reed Article

Most of you have probably already seen this Star article, but you should probably check it out. I think a lot of people are skeptical because Reed is from Burlington and looks a bit shocky. Reed's definitely the real deal and I would be pretty upset if we aren't able to pull the best talent out of Kansas. From what I understand, it's between us and UNC. I'd probably give the nod to them at present, but my opinion matters little in this sort of thing:

"The thing I really like about him is that he's got his head screwed on straight," said Martin, whose final team in 2003-04 with Reed as a freshman went undefeated and won the Kansas Class 3A crown. "His work ethic is relentless, and he's brought a little prestige to people that have lived here their whole lives."

I would really like to get a commitment from him. Don't worry about his ranking, he's almost exactly where Hinrich was when we picked him up.