KSU loses on of their "Big Time" Recruits?

Nothing like staring at a fax machine waiting for it to start singing its dulcet screamsong.

"Nothing came over last night," Hill said, referring to the fax machine that was expected to pump out Hannah's signed letter of intent to K-State. That was what the Wildcats had hoped for on the last day of the spring signing period.

It became more evident Thursday that Hannah might not be a Wildcat after all - and no one at K-State appears to know why. But a new name surfaced that could take his place: Tyree Evans. And his story could prompt the Bob Huggins critics to surface, especially if Evans winds up at K-State.

Let's not get started on Tyree Evans, who, despite Kevin Kietzman's yammering apologetics, has been charged with Statutory Rape (along with three others) and indecent assault. Yes, he and three other guys and one girl. Statutory rape and indecent assault. Missed those merit badges while you were a Boy Scout?

So did I. But don't be surprised if he's wearing Purple and White.