KU's 2006-2007 Basketball Schedule Taking Shape - KU - Florida Ticket Information

Looks like the Las Vegas Invitational games are set. Also interesting to note is that KU will be selling tickets to the Vegas game via the Williams Fund. The convention center - where the event will be held - only seats 6,000. Methinks that the KU-Florida tickets will demand a pretty penny.

The two Las Vegas Invitational games in Lawrence will be part of KU's season-ticket package. Ticket information on the games in Las Vegas will be mailed to Williams Fund members in the next couple weeks.

"The tickets will be sold through the schools - ours through the Williams Fund," KU senior associate athletic director Larry Keating said, referring to the eight schools that will congregate in Vegas - KU, Towson, Tennessee State, Ball State, Florida, Western Kentucky, Tennessee-Chattanooga and Prairie View.