Doyel looks at the Big 12

And he sees a lot of compelling storylines for next year, since a lot has happened this year:

This was an interesting league before.

Now it's a fascinating league.

* The new coaches at Kansas State and Missouri already have battled over a recruit who signed a national letter of intent with both schools but only got his mommy's approval for one of them.

* Oklahoma lost three of Sampson's recruits when the coach left for Indiana, then had to watch as Texas and Texas A&M circled like vultures over one of them.

* Oklahoma State lost its coach.

* A scandal broke at Colorado that will almost surely cost the school its coach.

* The NCAA passed judgment on Oklahoma and Sampson, accepting Oklahoma's self-imposed penalties while adding to Sampson's punishment and verbally eviscerating his integrity.

All of that happened since May 10.

Good read for Big 12 fans.