What to do about the proposed Lawrence Cell Phone Ban

The City of Lawrence, Kansas has made national news for considering banning the use of cell phones, including hands free devices, while driving a car. And while I'm all for increasing public safety, legislation via a five person council strikes me as incredibly undemocratic and heavy handed, not to mention foolish and draconian. Doing anything else while driving will make you more unsafe, and that includes adjusting your radio, drinking your coffee, taking a toy from your kid or doing your makeup. The big reason that cell phones get blamed is that digital records allow statistical folk to see correlations between cell phone usage and accidents.

Furthermore, enforcing a law like this will likely prove to be costly. If the people want it, give it to them, but don't allow a committee to pass an ill considered judgment down on the people of Lawrence without involving the people of Lawrence.

If you care to do something about this, you can follow PB reader Scott's advice as listed below. Again, I think the ban would be a silly, costly (ed. when I say costly, I mean costly to enforce this in what I would consider a useful way - by policing people who are driving around in traffic unattentively. What we'll likely see is law enforcement using this as a tax on K-10 and I70 drivers who are unaware and for the most part, not causing any traffic issues) and unworkable, but that's just me. I welcome feedback in the comments section.

Send an email to the TSC at dwoosley@ci.lawrence.ks.us and beg them not to make Lawrence the laughing stock it will become. If you want to call, call John J. Ziegelmeyer, Jr. at 843-4265. It's his home number, and it's what he has listed on the TSC website. He's the chairman of the TSC. Also call Paul Graves at 830-0677. If you send email, you can ask that it be a part of the public record.

Link to LJW story.