KU turns to NOAH for help

A little blip from today's LJW:

Rush's shooting form was rated as "expert" Monday by a computer program in the new $5,000 "Noah Select" machine recently purchased by the basketball program. A small camera on the front of the machine took pictures of a series of Rush shots, assessing a score to each shot based on the arc he put on the basketball.

This may not seem like a big deal, but the NOAH is an incredibly cool machine. Basically, it's a camera/computer mashup that observes players' freethrows and provides instant force feedback to help train more consistent shooting. The more consistent your arc, the more consistent your shot, and the better you'll shoot freethrows. Having the instant force feedback lets players know when they have a correct arc and when they don't. I'm hopeful this can make a difference in our FT shooting. Here's some actual data from some of NOAH's testing: FT Percentage Difference

If you have Flash, you can watch a demo here.