An offseason of good news

After last year's debacle ridden offseason, this summer feels like a kid does when he finally gets a hold of a machine that can create super desserts, like the one he's always dreamed of - the Twinkers - which is a Snickers within a Twinkie. It feels good, you see. Reader Gen reminds of just how Twinkery things are when he points us to the following article, which calls KU one of the top 5 winners of the offseason. The article is written by Luke "I am yohr fatharr" Winn, so being called a winner is an even more ringing endorsement, coming from him. :

They added yet another McDonald's All-American to their stable (number five in the past two years, if you're counting), 6-foot-9 forward Darrell "Slim Shady" Arthur. He said he saw himself playing for KU in a dream the night before his decision, and therefore eschewed top choice Baylor to play for Bill Self. KU's real coup, however, was simply keeping a trio of future first-rounders -- freshmen Brandon Rush, Mario Chalmers and Julian Wright -- from bailing out of Lawrence too quickly.