Working Collins into the lineup

Based on what I've seen of Collins and what I've read and heard about his performances at camp games, it will be very hard to keep him off the floor. But then again, the same can be said of both Robinson and Chalmers. I think that both Chalmers and Robinson will end up losing minutes to Collins, relative to what they were playing at the end of last year. I had some concerns about the effect that might have on chemistry, so I was definitely heartened to read this today:

"I see it as a great thing. I can't play 40 minutes a game," Robinson said. "The more help we have, the better we're going to perform. We'll definitely push each other in practice and make each other better."

I think Self and Co. are doing a lot to manage expectations this summer for PT later this year. Doing so will prove a wise use of time. Darrell Arthur, a player whose firght and resolve many folks questioned, has reinforced to the press that being a Jayhawk is about working hard. Robinson appears to be happy about losing minutes.

If Self can keep this mentality up among his players, the much discussed chemistry problems will be minimized.