Doyel: Kansas Shrinking

It's not what you're thinking. Really. Pretty good analysis, I think, except for his pegging of Russ at 2G instead of Mario. I think our most talented starting lineup is Arthur, Wright, Rush, Chalmers and Collins. They *could be the starters at some point this year for some games, but they'll be smallish for others. Here's what GD had to say:

Kansas shrinks: By adding power forward Darrell Arthur to a roster already loaded with wings and guards, Kansas coach Bill Self will occasionally find himself going smaller this season. If he wants to play his five most talented guys, Self would start Arthur at center, Julian Wright and Brandon Rush at forward, Russell Robinson at shooting guard and Mario Chalmers or Sherron Collins at point guard. Off the bench? Pure centers C.J. Giles and Sasha Kaun, plus power forward Darnell Robinson and USC wing transfer Rodrick Stewart. Freshman guard Brady Morningstar, a better player than advertised, could redshirt.

Here's the rest of the piece, which includes a bit of everything.