Gordon, Rose and Soft Commitments

Late last week, there was a bit of a furor brewing regarding Eric Gordon's rumored de-commitment from Illinois. While I enjoy a good Illinois decommitment and the pandemonium that ensues all over the unpaved roads and grassy sidewalks of your average Illinois fan's simple brain, it all sounded a bit too clean, especially since the writer that was floating the comments was about a thousand miles away from Mr. Gordon. Well we've got a bit more clarity here from the Indy Star. And rather regale you with yet another boring plot summary, I'll clip a great quote from EG's dad:

"It's like saying I'm committed to my girlfriend,'' Gordon Sr. said. "But I can still look. I'm not dead.''

I like how he ads "I'm not dead" to the end of the statement. Like a vestigial tail it's just hanging there and we the listeners are stuck trying to understand what troubled history led to its inclusion. Because really, the whole point of the girlfriend metaphor is to suggest a soft commitment. But then he seems afraid of this girlfriend, because the whole dead thing implies...never mind.

Here's a juicy bit of the article.

On Friday, a Web site called chicagohoops.com reported Gordon had walked away from his verbal commitment to Illinois. Later that night, the younger Gordon got on an Illinois basketball message board, said the story was untrue and assured fans he was still heading to Champaign. But in quotes published on peegs.com Saturday morning, Gordon again left the door open.

"Yeah, I'm still solid with Illinois, but I am thinking about IU, too,'' he was quoted as saying. "At this point, nothing has changed. I have looked at them (IU) for a long time because they're an in-state school. They have a good tradition and Coach (Kelvin) Sampson is a good guy, so I think because he is the new coach there that I should give them a look.''

Why is this important to you, fair Jayhawk? Because Derrick Rose and Eric Gordon have discussed playing together at Illinois. And because if Eric Gordon backs away from Illinois, we might have a better shot at Rose.