More on Mayo, Walker...incipient Purple Meltdown

GRCOAT. Before even one commitment, the Wildcats among us started talking about GRCOAT - the greatest recruiting class of all time. And now, like Marty McFly's family members in the snapshot he carried around in his jean jacket in "Back to the Future," OJ Mayo and Bill walker have faded away, and Michael (J?) Beasley is having trouble playing the guitar (go watch the movie if you don't understand).

According to the Kansas City Star and many other sources, Bill Walker, next year's number 2 recruit, won't be eligible to play high school basketball. This wouldn't really be an issue for KSU except that Walker will be 19 and one year removed from his original high school graduation date, which means that he can go pro, at least according to some. The NBA begs to differ.

OJ Mayo will go to USC, or maybe not.

Reader Ben points us to this Seth Davis update on the situation.

"The distance between Mayo and Barnes was made public in April when Mayo left Barnes' AAU team to play for a different program at a tournament in Houston. When I asked Mayo if he definitely planned on playing with Barnes' team this summer, he replied, "It's definite to me. I guess I'll have to talk it over with my mom." The building estrangement is bad news for Kansas State coach Bob Huggins, since Barnes is the driving force behind the chatter that Mayo was destined to play at K-State. Huggins has been instrumental in lining up local support for Barnes' summer basketball program. Multiple sources have also told me Barnes has received money from North College Hill's games. I'm guessing the NCAA will start sniffing down that money trail at some point."

Mark it down: neither Bill Walker nor OJ Mayo will ever play basketball for K-State.