KSU's Hughes misses team, makes Sex offender registry

Tyler Hughes MugshotWhen KSU fans come here and gloat about a recruit that hasn't made it to campus yet as a player, I'm tempted to remind them of the bovine excrement caking their shoeless feet. But if I wait long enough, their own players do it for me.

Tyler Hughes, the XBox Live loving gentle giant who playes for the Cats, has been dismissed from the team but has his picture on the net as a newly registered sex offender.

In my opinion, the sex offender laws are pretty murky during those transitive years between 16 and 19, and my guess is that this is probably no more than a misunderstanding or misappropriation of the law, but it doesn't look good for KSU at present.

Here's the link to Kansas' official page on him.

UPDATE: Never mind my soft words here. Despite Hughes' father's denials, this really doesn't look pleasant.

The Mercury has learned from Johnson Country District Attorney Paul Morrison that there were two victims, both males and under the age of 14, and that Hughes pled guilty to a single charge.

The Mercury has confirmed that the indecent activities went on for a number of years.

Morrison said that the charges did not come until several years after the incident, which he said was uncommon, but not totally rare.

Lewd fondling of two boys under 14 that took place for a number of years. Link to Manhattan Mercury story from which above quote was pulled.