DeCourcy to Rush: Be hungrier!

Mike DeCourcy has some advice for the superstars of tomorrow, and BRush gets a little writerly advice:

Brandon Rush, Kansas: attacking. In order to make a point about a certain player's needing to be more aggressive on offense, you'll sometimes hear a television analyst -- or even a coach -- say the guy in question has to be "more selfish."

Wrong. It's not selfish for LaDainian Tomlinson to run forward with a football while a bunch of guys block for him. It's Tomlinson's job. He gets the glory, but that's the game. And so it is with Rush. His first job is to score, and 13.5 points per game for a player with his skills (47.2 percent on 3-pointers) getting his minutes (31.7 per game) isn't enough.

Rush has to be hungrier. The best way to show he has changed is by driving the ball into the lane, not by simply taking more shots. He attempted only 71 free throws last season -- one every 14.7 minutes. Only one Jayhawks regular shot free throws less frequently.

Good advice methinks.