Downs' Dad: Micah hasn't spoken to me for months

The whole story of the strange Micah Downs midnight disappearance is now starting to come out. His dad called friend of Phog Blog Tom Keegan out of the blue this week and explained that he (Steve Downs) was disappointed that Micah had left.

"He hasn't spoken to me for months now," Steven said of Micah. "We have personal issues because of his girlfriend. I never approved of her. … My wife is heartbroken over the situation."

In the message-board world in which we live, nobody is spared from criticism. That's life, but Steven Downs doesn't have to like it.

"I don't like the way people talk about coach Self," he said. "That man is a good Christian man. I will stand behind Bill Self 'til the day he dies. He doesn't get the credit he deserves. He's good with X's and O's. … I just want everybody to know in Lawrence that Bill Self is good for Lawrence. It wasn't Bill at all. It was Micah's own fault, man. You can't blame the coach or the staff."

This seems to mesh with what happened, so I don't doubt Steve. I might question whether calling his son out in the newspaper is the best way to reconcile things, but his story explains the facts, which is more than any of the rumors did.

And here the weird go pro:

He said his wife, Gerri, attempted to speak with her son at the home of the girlfriend's parents over the Christmas holidays, but "had no luck."

"I just think Micah's a confused young man," Steven said. "I just really believe the wrong people have gotten in his ear."