KU Football now 1-0

For an opening game, we should have expected some sloppy play, and we got it. But we also got quite a bit of magic.

A few thoughts...in no particular order.

Cornish is going to have a big year. Once he gets around the corner, it's tough to catch him.

Jake Sharp is faster out of the gates than Cornish, and he had some great runs too.

Kerry Meier didn't look like he was in his first college game. He did have a few distance issues, but he was erring on the right side...the side that wouldn't allow interceptions.

I thought that Northwestern's mascot was the Wildcats, not the State Demons. What is a State Demon?

The defense was fast, but we need to work on finishing tackles. It will be nice to get Talib back next week.

All in all, another beautiful night in Lawrence. If you haven't caught a KU football game in a while, you'll be amazed. It's night and day from 10 years ago.

Happy Labor Day everybody.